INSIGHT STRATEGY ‘ADVISORY’ specialises in Strategic Business Development, Execution, Restructuring and Finance. We assist businesses in setting their strategic direction and creating and delivering their business development agenda and getting this agenda into action through superior execution that delivers tangible results.

Working with clients to create game changing insights and opportunities, Insight Strategy decision support brings certainty to business decisions and shaping future growth.


Review, redirection, validation, generate value, creating insight
You need to know where you are headed and that it is realistic and achievable, understand the competitive landscape, regulatory and market dynamics and believe in the direction you are taking. We can help you build and validate your strategic direction and lay the foundations to enable long term value creation. We will create, shape and challenge the long-term strategic direction of what you want to be (e.g. company, brands) and carefully validate do-ability through a focused and pragmatic strategic assessment. We will identify the growth drivers, capabilities and key milestones required to deliver your strategy, scope out a detailed strategic action plan and highlight the key associated risks.


Alignment with strategy, sourcing and execution
Setting the strategic direction is about step changing or transforming your business. Business development generally boils down to do we ‘build, buy or partner’. We focus on getting strategy into action by working with you closely and mapping out your business development agenda. We will align your business development agenda with your strategy; analyse potential organic and inorganic new business opportunities and prepare financial and strategic analysis and recommendations. We will identify the alternatives available, test the optimal mode of entry and will deliver project execution.


Driving and monitoring performance
The best strategies and action plans often tend to fail without tactical and precise execution. We focus on building a superior execution (everyday, everywhere) model throughout the value chain, right down to the target consumer. We enable the levers for driving results and building insightful knowledge for continuous improvement and rapid response. Superior execution requires a commitment to invest in the development of organisational capabilities, resources and a robust performance measurement tool.


Maximising value creation
Our expertise reaches across the entire financial spectrum from financial control, decision support, cost reduction, management accounting, financial analysis and corporate finance to compliance and valuation. We specialise in unlocking value tied up or hidden in the value chain and maximising economic profit. We also build cash headroom solutions, identifying and managing cost inefficiencies in the P&L and balance sheet.


Advice, support and execution
We offer advice, support and execution on internal restructuring and consolidation post acquisition. We undertake reviews of the underlying profitability of products, markets and operations to isolate and understand the individual sum of the parts and make recommendations accordingly. In the face of economic crisis, we provide a clear and independent review of the impact on your business and what action is required to minimize the impact on the continuity your business.


Advice, support and execution
We advise on and can provide a lead support role on preparing your business for sale, assist you in creating and shaping your ‘story board’ business for sale offering aimed at maximizing your sale proceeds. We will navigate and support you through the identification of potential acquirers through to negotiation of term sheet, sales and purchase agreement through to completion.

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