Coaching is basically a confidential dialogue between an executive and a coach. Coaching is a catalyst to bring about change and personal growth. Being an executive can be a lonely place and more often executives have no one they can bounce ideas, issues, concerns or challenges off.

Many executives value and excel by having an independent trusted coach they can download to and converse with, to assist them through a process of enquiry in arriving at the solutions or outcome they were looking for. ‘They may never have asked themselves the questions, but they have the answers’.

A coach will assist you in unraveling your thoughts, challenges and obstacles, allowing you to create new perspectives or see things more clearly and to take the necessary actions to move forward. Executives may sometimes not be aware of the impact they are having on their business or colleagues working with a coach can assist executive in their journey to reaching full potential.

Coaching helps executives to clarify their purpose and goals, to formulate a plan of action to achieve these goals and challenges the executive to adopt new behaviors. Coaching is a continuous learning cycle that allows executives to achieve their full potential.

Our principle focus areas are:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Strategic Planning Coaching
  • Career Coaching

What is Insight Strategy ‘Executive Coaching’?

Executive Coaching is a collaborative, one on one individual relationship between an executive and a coach, the aim of which is to transform the quality of the executive’s working and personal life with sustainable results. Executive coaching is a personalised form of learning, the coach helps the executive to bring about effective action, performance, improvement, personal growth and better business results.

Coaching for the executive
focuses on the executives overall work and/or personal agenda. In the personal arena it could involve balancing work and family life, while the work arena could include developing strategic planning, vision, values, goals or organisational change.

Coaching for performance
specifically involves learning that improves the executive’s effectiveness. It focuses on establishing and developing an executive’s competencies in their current position. For example: an executive might feel that he or she could be performing better in a particular area, such as leading a team more effectively, delegating, employee management or managing upwards.

Coaching for development
focuses on an executive’s new or future career. It entails assessing and clarifying expectations for future growth and developing the required competencies. It frequently entails a review of the executive’s purpose, values and beliefs. It involves a considerable degree of personal exploration in terms of strengths, weakness and missing’s.

Coaching for skills
for example: presentation, pitching, negotiation, delegating, and team management.

What is Insight Strategy ‘Business Coaching’?

Business leaders often find that they do not have the time or bandwidth to look at their business as a whole or deep dive areas that need attention or change. This could include employee development, time management, communication skills, identifying operational or customer service efficiencies or improvements, business disposal preparation and mergers and acquisitions.
Business coaching focus on assisting business leaders on a specific issue or in identifying key issues or afflictions and developing strategic solutions to improve the business.

What is Insight Strategy ‘Strategic Planning Coaching’?

Identifying and/or validating ‘where you want your business to be’ and ‘how you are going to get there’ is critical to building the ‘right bridge’ to get there. Getting this strategy into action and ensuring you have all the necessary building blocks in place will pave the way for success. Planning for success is creating a focused and deliverable business development agenda and execution plan that is aligned with your strategic plan.

Coaching enables organisations to validate their strategic ‘thinking’ and develop or validate a clear and stated purpose, vision and values. Strategic coaching enables organisation alignment and distills and inspires confidence to get their strategy into action and deliver greater top and bottom line results whilst being agile and managing risk and opportunities in a smarter and shorter timeframe.

What is Insight Strategy ‘Career Coaching’?

Career coaching, whether or not you are in a career or in transition, will assist you in assessing your current situation and clarifying your career and personal ‘purpose’ and aspirations. The coach provides support and guidance in managing your own career development.

We work with organisations and individuals, with new hires, executives treading career ‘water’ or recently promoted executives. We provide support and guidance on taking on responsibility, clarity about expectations, managing matrix relationships and leveraging the individuals’ strengths to prevent derailment.

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