The Corporate View From Singapore

Luke Falvey interviewed by Accounting & Business (Ireland) Magazine April 2013. Click here to view full article.

Q1 What business lessons have you learned?

A The devil is in the detail; always ask: ‘what do I need to know and believe?’ before making a decision or drawing a conclusion. Learn from the past: how we saw the future and how the future turned out. You will have more insights on how to get to where you want to be in the future. Understand that every country has its own cultural challenges. Understanding and respecting the cultural nuances and vagaries of the markets you are playing in is critical to sustainable success. Keep it simple: separate facts from assumptions and hypothesis, and make decisions on a ‘no regrets’ basis. Enrol and align all stakeholders if you want to be sure of their support.

Q2 What tips would you pass on to others?

A Do things you enjoy and are passionate about; these are the things you will do best and be most successful at. Consistently focus on your end game, but be flexible enough to leverage opportunistic opportunities. Negotiations are about ‘win win’; understand who you are negotiating with by standing in their shoes. Focus on positive thinking; remove all negativity from the equation. Manage yourself and your time; learn to multitask and you will achieve more. Keep a healthy work-life balance and keep fit; you will be infinitely happier and achieve more.

Q3 What are your key business challenges in the year ahead?

A Assisting my clients accelerate their business growth in existing and new markets in the Asia Pacific region. Getting things done smarter and quicker and managing expectations. Balancing this with keeping abreast of changing regulations, local market compliance, and the related implications, will continue to be time consuming.

Q4 Tell us about Insight Strategy?

A Insight Strategy is a boutique advisory firm that assists businesses in setting their strategic direction, creating and delivering their business development agenda and getting this into action. We work with clients in an entrepreneurial way to create game changing insights and opportunities and provide decision support that brings certainty to business decisions and shapes future growth. We work with our clients as colleagues, allowing for a deeper understanding of their business, new insights and collaborative solutions. Our four competence areas are advisory, coaching, mentoring and Asia Pacific market access.

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